Our Team

Apeksha – Founder & Artistic Director / Actor / Model : Apeksha is an instructor with natural abilities to dance and teach, not to mention about her immense energy and fascination for dance. As a child, she learnt Bharatnatyam, leading into modern dance forms. With over 13 years of experience as a professional dancer and 10 years of experience as a dance instructor and choreographer, she brings a very positive presence with her creative choreography and enormous enthusiasm. 

Here is a glimpse of her recent work ..


Niti – Choreographer & Costume Designer : Niti has grown to believe that dance is a joy to behold, a force – propulsive and potent – like all other art forms that give vent to beauty, love and grace and symbolize strength, sensitivity and power of expression and devotion. She was initiated into Bharatnatyam at the tender age of nine, under the patronage of Guru Shri Mani. She has pursued this art form religiously for over eight years and performed Bharatnatyam Arangetram at the age of 14. Thereafter, Niti has been trained in various forms of dance, including Shiamak Davar’s classes and several folk and semi classical dances and has an exceptional penchant for teaching and performing.
Rashmi  – Choreographer  & Marketing Manager :For Rashmi, dance is a form of expression – expression of one’s inner feelings. Dancing is a passion for her that cannot be expressed in words. As a kid, she has undergone professional training in Bharatnatyam and later expanded her repertoire by learning and practicing various other dance forms. She has performed at various cultural festivals in school and college and has also choreographed for many dance festivals. She is a very loving and kind hearted person and these traits are easily visible while she is choreographing dance moves in the class. Her warm approach to the students is welcoming.
Silky  – Choreographer & Pro-beats Member : Silky’s joy for dancing began at an early age. She was barely ten years old when she found herself performing on various stages and dance floors at different events. Over the years, her joy for dancing gradually transformed into a passion for the same. She has been a dancer, a choreographer, and an instructor for almost twelve years now. Her dancing is marked by supple grace, resilient confidence, and passion which has blossomed her into a versatile dancer. She believes that dance is a great medium of expression and has joined the Jhankaar Beats team to help students live their dreams.
Priyanka  – Dance Captain & Pro-Beats Co-ordinator : “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”. Words that Priyanka truly believes in and lives up to. She started training in Kathak and Odissi at the age of 3 and completed her Visharad at the age of 14. Since then dance has been her indulgence, passion and the force majeure that drives her. Having dabbled in various other dance forms like bharatnatyam, chaau, indian folk dances, samba, jazz, salsa hip-hop and bollywood/freestyle, Priyanka has taught, choreographed and performed with various dance groups as well as theatre groups and won several accolades for her performances in UK and in India. As a member of the Pro-beats team, she brings a lot of warmth, fun and zing to the performances, to complement the beautiful choreography, and hopes to bring several gorgeous concepts to life through the team’s shows.
Vidhi  – Choreographer  : Dancing is her passion. With a Junior diploma in Kathak she strongly believes there are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them. As an instructor, she believes in making a positive difference. Every person who attends her class leaves with a sweet smile and sense of satisfaction of having achieved something. Her challenging choreography makes the class more interesting. She is currently enrolled at SJSU and has participated in various intercollegiate dance competitions and won prizes.
Mansi – Choreographer & Creative Writer : “Live, Love, Laugh” is what Mansi believes in and dance is a way for her to achieve them. She believes that dance is great source to keep the passion alive and help others learn dance and have fun with it. Kids love her friendly and fun filled training style, which helps them to boost their moral and learning ability.She started with Indian folk dances for school annual day programs which led to trying out other dance styles. Since childhood she has been imitating dance moves from TV and self-learning Bollywood dance. Throughout her school and college life she has won several dance competitions.Her professional training began when she became a part of Jhankaar Beats 5 years ago. Since then she has performed with the team at multiple events in Bay Area.
Rashmi  – Choreographer: Rashmi has a teaching experience of over 10 years. Kids love her class. Her passion for dance and music started at a very young age. She loves being part of JBeats. She is an excellent fold dancer and has trained in various Indian Fold dance forms. Her attention to detail and keep at it spirit make her team bring out the BEST in them.
Smita  – Lead Choreographer for Competition Crew: Smita has over 25+ years of dance experience. Starting at young age of 2, Smita began her training in Jazz, Tap, Ballet and added Bharat Natyam at the ripe age of 5. Throughout her childhood, she took on styles such as Pointe, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Breakdance and Kuchipudi earning her a strong reputation in technical aspects of dance.Smita has performed in over 200 shows in USA, Canada and Europe. A natural with kids, Smita teaches children to love dance not only for its creativity and expression but also for its physicality and discipline.